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3 Phase and Single Phase DRd Racks


Do DRd racks come in 3 Phase and Single Phase variants?

Description/Explanation of Issue

All DRd racks ship as 3 Phase. If a site has Single Phase power, the phase bus bars can be modified in the field to accommodate. The DRd Rack Enclosure Installation Manual includes steps on how to complete this modification in the section labeled 'Modify Phase Bus for 120V AC Split Phase Operation'.


Please note thsese steps are not for use in 277v racks.  277v can only be run in a DRd as 3 Phase.


  1. Note the copper straps that connect the 2 portions of phase L2.
  2. Unscrew the copper straps.
  3. Move one of the copper straps to connect between phase L1 and the top phase L2, screw the strap in.
  4. Move the other copper strap to connect between the bottom phase L2 and phase L3, screw the strap in.

DRd Phase Modification.JPG


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