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Electronic Theatre Controls Inc

DRd Maximum Current Draw

Maximum Current Draw
Type Phase Type Maximum Current Draw Suggested Breaker Rating
DRd6 Single Phase (1Ø) 120 A 150 A
Three Phase (3Ø) 80 A 100 A
AX6 Single Phase (1Ø) 120 A1 150 A³
Three Phase (3Ø) 80 A1 100 A³
DRd12 Single Phase (1Ø) 240 A 300 A
Three Phase (3Ø) 160 A 200 A
AX12 Single Phase (1Ø) 240 A1 300 A³
Three Phase (3Ø) 160 A1 200 A³
AX12X Single Phase (1Ø) 480 A² 400 A4
Three Phase (3Ø) 320 A² 400 A³

1 Connected to DRd enclosure with a full complement of 20 A modules.

Connected to two DRd enclosures with a full complement of 20 A modules.

Installed in a main circuit breaker model auxiliary enclosure.

Wire bending space limits the feed to the AX12X-MCB to 400 A maximum.  ETC installs a 100% rated two pole breaker (or two poles form a three pole breaker) in the AX12X-MCB, for a total deliverable current of 400 A in a single phase (split phase) configuration. 


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