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Which DRd Rack can I use for 220/380VAC Applications?


I have a 220V Phase to Neutral (380V Phase to Phase) power but ETC doesn't have a DRd rack with that voltage specifically listed.

Explanation of Issue

ETC makes a 230V CE listed DRd rack model as well as a 240V UL listed rack model. Either model will work in this application because mains voltages are "nominal" and rarely exactly on target. In Europe, the harmonized voltage is 230V +10% / -6% which yields a range of 216-253V. ETC designs to a typical factor of +/-10% of the nominal voltage and with a frequency range tolerance of 47-63Hz.


Use either the 230V CE DRd or the 240V UL DRd rack depending on the other features and local regulations.

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