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Changing The Mode of a ThruPower 20 Module (TR20AF/TR20SAF)


  • I would like to change the mode of my TR20AF module via DMX


  1. At the CEM3, make sure you have the Control set to TPDMX
    1. To do this at the CEM3, press [Setup] > Dimmers
    2. Find the dimmer you want to modify
    3. Change "Control" to "TPDMX".
  2. After changing the mode on the CEM3, you can change it's mode with the second DMX address.
    1. First address provides control, just like you would dim a dimmer or switch a relay
    2. Second address sets the mode
      1. DMX Value 0 - 127: Switched Mode
      2. DMX Value 128 - 255: Dimmed Mode

More information can be found in the manual linked below, specifically Page 16.

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