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Fault Lights on PhaseAdept and ELV Modules

What does the state of the fault light on my PhaseAdept or ELV module mean?

There are four states your Fault light on your PhaseAdept / ELV module can show:

Off- No Fault

Solid- Inrush current threshold exceeded or short circuit detected

Over current.jpeg

Slow blink (1 per second)- Voltage threshold exceeded

Fast blink (1 per half second)- temperature threshold exceeded

Note: Slow blink and fast blink state were incorrectly stated as slow Temp and Fast Voltage in the CEM3  

If you are experiencing a fault some things to try would be:

Solid- Check wiring for short circuits and determine if inrush current is excessive

Slow blink (1 per second)- Make sure you are not using magnetic loads

Fast blink (1 per half second)- Make sure airflow in the rack is good and the module is free of debris

PhaseAdept and ELV Modules Protect Themselves

In event of a short circuit, the PhaseAdept Dimmer module shuts down to prevent damage.  The module allows inrush current for one cycle and will shut down if current at the inrush current threshold persists for more than one cycle or if current exceeds the inrush current threshold. Different module variants have different inrush current thresholds.

The module also shuts down in the presence of voltage spikes caused by a magnetic load.  To recover from this state, turn the circuit breaker off and back on again, change the phase switch to forward, or set the control level to zero and then set the control level to another value.

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