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0-10 Clarification on eldoLED White paper on Lighting Control System

eldoLED White paper on Lighting Control System

On the section of 0-10 control there has been some confusion



In this section eldoLED are using 0-10V and 1-10V to indicate the two different styles of this type of control.


What they are calling 0-10V is the old school analog lighting desk style 0-10V. Controller sources current, controlled devices sink current.


What they are calling 1-10V is the architectural current usage of this – controller sinks current, controlled devices source current.


In their terms, the ETC 0-10 card is a 1-10V controller – it sinks current.

  • These would include:

    • ERP 0-10V control card

    • ERP-FT 0-10V control card

    • Echo room controler (4 and 8) 0-10

    • Echo zone controles with 0-10

    • Foundry MiniPanels (4 and 8 )

    • Foundry zone controles with 0-10

    • Sensor IQ 0-10 control card

    • Unison DrD 0-10 control card

    • Response 0-10 gateway

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