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L86 Dimmer Modules BTU Dissipation

Engineering Notes

December 13, 1991

L86 Dimmer Modules BTU Dissipation

Heat dissipation in ETC dimmer racks is relatively simple to calculate. Use the following table to calculate either watts per dimmer or BTUs per dimmer, them multiply that number by the number of dimmers in the rack.

Note that the watt and BTU figures shown below apply to single dimmer, not dimmer modules. (A module contains more than one dimmer)

L86-1200 24 watts/dimmer 81.888 BTUs/dimmer/hr
L86-2400 48 watts/dimmer 163.776 BTUs/dimmer/hr
L86-2400HR 100 watts/dimmer 341.2 BTUs/dimmer/hr
L86-6000 120 watts/dimmer 409.44 BTUs/dimmer/hr
L86-6000HR 250 watts/dimmer 853 BTUs/dimmer/hr

We suggest you set air conditioning levels to maintain the temperature in the dimer room at 68 degrees or less. ETC dimmers are designed to operate safely in environments with ambient temperatures of up to 104 degrees but, as with all electronics, keeping things cooler will help improve the service of the equipment.

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