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Smartbar 2 Will Not Power On


Smartbar 2 is powered from an external source, either by being hardwired to that source or via a cable with connector.  This article explains the main causes of a failure to power on  in Smartbar 2.

Description/Explanation of Issue

If the power source for the Smartbar 2 has been confirmed to have adequate voltage, but the bar will still not power on, the most likely cause of failure is a dead power supply.  



Please be sure to disconnect power from the Smartbar entirely before servicing.

  1. The part number for the power supply is 7543B5701.  This board lives in the bar, near the UI. 
  2. Remove the back of the Smartbar and disconnect the harness for the power supply circuit board.
  3. Remove the power supply PCB from the bar and replace with new power supply.
  4. Reconnect harness, reassemble bar and test with power.