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SmartLink Stations

Two button station types are available for use on the SmartLink network, a 5 button and a 10 button station, providing easy remote access to the 32 built-in presets and sequencer found in the SmartPack.  

The SmartLink Timeclock also provides access to all your presets and adds real and astronomical time functions to the SmartLink control system from a single location.


Note: Wall station use with the SmartPack Portable dimmer pack requires additional hardware that is separate from the pack itself. Contact ETC for assistance.

DRd 12 with SmartLink.png


Note: A SmartLink LinkPower supply is limited to four SmartLink stations. Alternatively, you may have up to 16 SmartLink stations when using a SmartLink Station Power Module (S-SPM). You may have up to four SmartLink host products in a SmartLink system.

One SmartLink host product (SmartPack, SmartSwitch, Unison DRd with SmartLink or Sensor + with SmartLink) in the system must have a LinkPower Supply or Station Power Module installed for wall station power.

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