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SmartPack Maintenance

Vacuum the Vents

Vacuum the dust from the airflow vents regularly. The interval between cleanings is dependant on the installation environment. Never allow the vents to become completely clogged with dust.

Vacuum the Interior

Caution-Icon-new.png WARNING: High Voltage! Remove power from the SmartPack unit prior to removing the front cover.

Step 1: Remove power from the SmartPack.
Step 2: Remove the front cover of the SmartPack unit and detach the ground wire.
Step 3: Vacuum dust from the interior of the unit. Use canned air to blow dust from the circuit boards to avoid possible damage from electrostatic discharge.
Step 4: Reinstall front cover before applying power to the unit. Ensure that the ground wire is reattached to the front cover.

Replacement Parts

Two different fuses are used in three places on the SmartPack control board. Field replacements are available by ETC or may be purchased at your local electrical supply house.

  • Control board location “F1” and “F2” use fuse type 0.125A 250V F 5x20mm.
    ETC part number F113-F.
  • Control board location “F3” use fuse type 0.500A 250V F 5x20mm. 
    ETC part number F112-F.

All other field issues please contact ETC technical services for assistance.

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