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SmartPack Normal Menu Structure

Normal Menu

The normal menu is used to view system status and to set the DMX start address for SmartPack. The start address range is determined by the size of your SmartPack.

DMX Start Address range:
3 channel: 001-510
6 channel: 001-507
12 channel: 001-501

Set the DMX start address:

Step 1: Scroll to DMX, press image.
Step 2: Scroll to DMX Start Address, press image.
Step 3: Use + or - to scroll the start address range.
Step 4: Press image to set the start address.

Test Menu

The test menu is a tool for testing dimmers and loads. In the absence of a DMX control source, the test menu may also be used to set dimmer levels for snapshot into a preset.

Enter the Test menu

From any menu, press the test button image.

Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 2.07.19 PM.png

Set dimmer levels in the Test Menu

Step 1: Use < or image to select one or [ALL] dimmers.
Step 2: Use + or - to set a level, press image. The menu will progress to the next channel.
Step 3: Press image, “Exit Test Mode: [Test: all off]” displays.

To exit the Test menu and retain all Test Levels:

Scroll to [Keep test on] and press image.

Exit Test menu, clearing all Test Levels and return to the previous menu:

Scroll to [Test: all off] and press image.

Press << to return to the main menu and clear all Test Level.

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