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What Does A "C" On My SmartPack's LCD Indicate?


When I power cycle my SmartPack a flashing "C" appears in the top corner of my LCD. 

Description/Explanation of Issue

One or more of the power cubes in the SmartPack has exceeded the maximum operating temperature of 90° Celsius. When you have corrected the temperature problem, the error will clear. 


Turn off power to your SmartPack. If dust has collected inside and near the fan, thoroughly dust it out. Additionally, the power cubes may be swapped out in the field for newer power cubes. If the problem persists, please contact ETC Technical Services for assistance.

The power cubes are the items indicated in red below. 

Inside a Smartpack.jpg


Always fully disconnect power before servicing.  Power should be disconnected at the external feed breaker.  Use proper Lockout/Tagout Procedures.

Related Links/References

Information taken from page 7 on the SmartPack User Manual v2.1. Click Here to download.