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Electronic Theatre Controls Inc

Overview - Variable Speed Motor Starter - VSMS

​​​​ETC's Variable Speed Motor Starters (VSMS) are used to integrate 3rd party hoists into an ETC Rigging Control System. VSMS can be used to control a single device as part of a larger Prodigy and/or Vortek NXT hoist system, as part of an existing control system replacement, or any system in between.

VSMS runs a 3rd party hoist with SoftLift (ramped acceleration to a fixed speed) or full variable speed control.

VSMS is the control enclosure between the ETC Rigging Control System and the 3rd party hoist/device. The VSMS takes in a power feed and provides power directly to the hoist which integrates the hoist's power source into the E-stop safety circuit of the ETC Rigging Control System. The 3rd party hoist limits, encoder, load cell, etc. connect to the VSMS providing full hoist feedback and control to the ETC Rigging Control System (the features available are dependent on the options available on the 3rd party hoist). A motor mounted encoder is recommended for SoftLfit control and required for variable speed control.

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