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Helix Cable Management Guide


ETC's Helix Cable Management System is a customizable cable management solution for stage electrics, front of house lighting positions, and other applications where power and/or control circuits need to be brought down to a motorized batten.

Helix cable management consists of a ladder assembly with power and control cables spiraling down both sides of the ladder (Side A & Side B) to a platter base that the cable management system stacks on during travel. A single SO multi-cable of up to 16 conductors (7 circuits) and up to four low voltage cables can be attached to each side of the Helix ladder assembly.

For Helix cable management systems on a FlyPipe hoist Side A of the Helix ladder is dedicated to hoist power and control, Side B of the ladder assembly is available for any distribution circuits and low voltage cable.

The Helix ladder assembly must be installed around a lift line or other center line to keep the ladder stacked correctly.


FlyPipe Mount - The Helix platter assembly mounts directly to the FlyPipe hoist extrusion, using Lift Line B (second from the motor end) as the center line of the Helix ladder assembly.

ColorSource Raceway w/ Batten - The Helix platter assembly sits above the ColorSource Raceway and mounts using brackets that attach to both the raceway and the batten below the raceway. The mounting brackets match the spacing of ETC's standard Type 111 hanger brackets. The Helix assembly can be installed using any lift line as the center line of the Helix ladder assembly.

Pipe-Mount - The Helix patter assembly mounts directly to a batten and uses any lift line as the center line of the Helix ladder assembly.

Required Information

The following information is required to provide submittal drawings and create bills of material prior to assembly in Manufacturing. (See Guidelines below for additional information.)

  • Total Vertical Dead Hang + Travel Distance
  • Number of Circuits & Low Voltage Cables/Type
  • Length of cable required from the top rung of the ladder assembly
  • Length of cable required from the bottom rung of the ladder assembly
  • Upper Cable Termination Method
    • Bare end, connector, etc.
  • Lower Cable Termination Method
    • ETC distribution, bare end, terminal box, connector, etc.

Travel + Dead Hang - The total distance from the mounting steel to the low trim position is required to provide the correct length Helix assembly.

  • Helix Cable Management Systems are available in 5' increments of travel.

Circuit Count & Low Voltage Cables

  • FlyPipe Power & Control
    • Uses Side A of the ladder assembly
  • Power Circuits - SO Cable
    • 7 circuits at 20 A. maximum per available side
  • Low Voltage Cable & Types
    • 4 low voltage cables maximum per available side
  • Cables installed on the Helix Ladder assembly have an approximate bend radius of 8"


Helix Cable Management.PNG

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