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Dead Hang - Prodigy Cable Management

The minimum dead hang for a Prodigy Cable Management (PCM) system varies depending on the hoist the PCM system is installed on.

The minimum dead hang for PCM installed on each hoist type is:

  • Prodigy P1 Hoist: 4'-4"
  • Prodigy P2 Hoist: 3'-8"
  • Prodigy P75 Hoist: 4'-6"


General Dead Hang Information

The dead hang for an ETC hoist and/or cable management system is measured from the underside of the mounting steel to the center of batten (or bottom of the strut channel on FlyPipe).

The minimum dead hang values include the following:

  • The distance from the first obstruction (loft block, compression tube, powerhead, etc.) to the mounting steel
    • Varies by hoist type, mounting, and loft block dimensions
  • The recommended minimum distance between upper overtravel and the first obstruction point
    • Varies by hoist type and hoist speed (ranges between 5" - 8")
  • The factory set distance between the upper hard limit and upper overtravel
  • The recommended minimum distance between the upper soft limit and upper hard limit
    • ETC recommends a minimum of 3"
  • The height of any RACA, hanger bracket, turnbuckle, cable management system, etc.


  • Depending on the hoist and/or cable management configuration the first obstruction point may not be between the hanger bracket/RACA and the loft block.
  • Dead hang values may vary for non-ETC loft blocks, hanger brackets, and/or turnbuckles.
  • Please contact ETC Technical Services or your Project Manager for additional information.



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