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Joystick Calibration - Foundation


If the joystick on the Foundation is not operating as expected you will need to re-calibrate it.

Steps to Solution

  1. Log out of the controller
  2. Press shutdown
  3. Press the exit button - you are now in the shell
  4. Press and hold the Maintenance button for 10 sec.
  5. Go in to the tools tab
  6. Press the face panel tester button
  7. In the center left of the screen is the joystick calibration
  8.  Press the clear button
  9. With the joystick in the center position press the center button
  10. Push the joystick away from you till it stops and press the up button
  11. Pull the joystick toward you till it stops and press the down button
  12. Press the red 'X' button on the top right corner
  13. Press the close button on the bottom right corner
  14. press the 'Launch Foundation' button to restart the controller
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