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Reboot Procedure - VAC


If your system goes into Node Fault - try this procedure to check if it clears the error.

Vortek Pro systems should be rebooted once a month or when there has been a power outage.

The reboot clears errors and resets the communication system.

The breakers for the system are usually located in the same breaker panel which was installed by site electrician during original installation.

The MCC (Master Control Cabinet) breaker is usually 480VAC 3 phase 20 amp breaker and the breaker for the hoists is usually a single 480VAC  3 phase 40-80 amp breaker but can have more than one breaker occasionally.

It is important to follow the reboot sequence listed below because there is a chance that an  MCC 24VDC fuse could blow or the communications will not reset correctly.

Once the breakers are found this procedure should only take a few minutes. 

Reboot Sequence: 
• Turn off VAC PC 
• Turn off breaker that powers MCC (Master Control Cabinet)  
• Turn off breaker that powers hoists and wait 10 seconds 
• Turn on breaker that powers hoists 
• Turn on breaker that powers MCC 
• Turn on VAC PC 

**** Never have MCC powered up when hoist power is off **** 

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