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Electronic Theatre Controls Inc

Steel Wire Rope Terminations in the CE and UKCA Market

ETC’s P2 line of hoists comply with EN17206 using 3/16” (5mm, nominal 4,76mm) 7x19 galvanized steel wire rope and Nicopress® copper oval sleeve swages. The full risk assessment is available upon request. 


ETC is supplied with wire rope that complies with EN 12385-4. Each spool is load tested (tensile test) by ETC and is required to break with a minimum breaking load of 1905Kg (4200 lb).


Nicopress® and ETC recommend the use of copper sleeves for overhead lifting use. However,  the use of Nicopress® 188-6-VX Aluminum Oval Sleeves has been approved by ETC and Nicopress®.  Nicopress® 188-6-VX Aluminum Oval Sleeves comply with EN 13411-3 when compressed with the proper Nicopress® swaging tool and number of crimps

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