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Common Issues with the HQ-100


Common Issues and Replacement Part Numbers

  1. Inspect the line running from the fluid bottle cap to the hazer for cracks or damage.  If the tube is split in a way where air can be pulled in, then the hazer will not pull fluid from the reservoir into the machine.
    1. The replacement part number is 1501A2017.
  2. When powered on, the hazer should create noise; this noise comes from the air pump.  If the device is silent, the air pump needs to be looked at.
    1. The air pump replacement number is 1501A3001-120V or 1501A3001-208V depending on the hazer's rated voltage.
  3. When the hazer is supposed to be emitting haze, if no fluid is moving through the hoses, than the fluid pump is not working properly.
    1. The fluid pump replacement number is 1501A3003-120V or 1501A3003-208V depending on the hazer's rated voltage.
  4. If the hazer is not creating haze, but is instead spitting out fluid, the heat exchanger is not working.  If all the connections are properly seated, there are no user servicable parts inside of the heat exchanger.
    1. The heat replacement part number is 1501A3004-120V or 1501A3004-208V depending on the hazer's rated voltage.


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