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Connecting a new HedgeHog Power Supply into the motherboard



When installing a new power supply into a HedgeHog (part number 99070032EF), the ATX power connectors are different sizes (the original power supply had a 12x2 connector, and the new power supply has a 10x2 connector).

HH PSU Comp.jpg

The original ATX connection is shown on top, with the new ATX connection on the bottom.

Explanation of Issue

Over the lifetime of the consoles, the power supply availability changed, and the original power supply installed into the HedgeHog no longer became available.  A new power supply was selected, which utilizes two connectors to make the same connections as the original power supply.


  1. On the new power supply, on the same line of wires going to the 10x2 ATX connector, there is an additional 2x2 connector.

HH4 PSU Connections 2.jpg

  1. With the clip oriented to connect to the motherboard receptacle, the 10x2 will plug into the right side of the ATX connection.

HH4 PSU MB.jpg

  1. The 2x2 will connect in to the remaining space.