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Motherboards / Carrier boards, Correct service part numbers for Hog 4 series consoles

Description/Explanation of Issue

Here are the service part numbers to order a new motherboard assembly for a Hog 4 series console. The motherboard assembly will include the RAM, processor, and heat sink and fan. After programming and setup the motherboard is given a service part number, they are below.

For example the Road Hog 4 and Full Boar 4 use the same motherboard, but they are programmed differently for both consoles and cannot be swapped into the other console.

The Full Boar 4 and Rack Hog are the only ones that share the same part number.

The serial number of the console is needed with the order to program the motherboard.


The correct service part number to order

  1. Hedgehog 4     80430175    
  2. Road Hog 4     80430160
  3. Full Boar 4       80430159
  4. Hog 4               80030121EF
  5. Hog 4-18          6102B5608-SVC
  6. Rack Hog         80430159  


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