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Boot menu does not appear when doing a system restore on Axon HD or Axon HD Pro


The boot menu never appeared while trying to perform a system restore.

Description/Explanation of Issue

This could be a couple of reasons. Each of the reasons will correspond to a fix/solution.

  1. BIOS was not told to display the boot menu
  2. There is not a monitor plugged into the Display Port
  3. The motherboard might not be booting


  1. Make sure to press F8 or F10 to enter the Boot Menu
    1. Power off the unit
    2. Power back on
    3. Repeatedly press F8 or F10 until the boot menu appears
  2. A monitor is not plugged into the display port
    1. Make sure a monitor is plugged into one of the Display Ports on the back of the unit.
      The boot menu will not show on the CMA outputs
  3.  Contact HES support to troubleshoot the motherboard not booting up
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