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All SolaFrame 1000 software versions

NOTE: Be cautious when downgrading fixture software versions as this can affect many functions such as cooling/thermal adjustments, power adjustments, DMX channel count and the overall functionality of the product. HES recommends always updating to the latest version of released software.

The most recent release can be found on the SolaFrame 1000 product page at

If you need an older version of the software, contact ETC Technical Support.

Version Release date Fixes Download link
  • Initial release 
v1.2.1 2/2/19
  • Production release
v1.2.2 3/18/19
  • Added sequential homing modes, standard is default
  • Pan First/Tilt First are options in the menu under SET>STATUS>P/T
  • RDM ID error fixed
  • sACN operation fixed
v1.2.3 5/14/19
  • Fan noise reduced
  • Fix for LED/Fixture hour reset bug
v1.2.4 7/3/19
  • Added RDM support for High-CRI/High Output Light Engines
  • Added animation wheel stop range to the protocol


v1.2.6 3/17/20
  • Fan Voltages in base housing adjusted
  • Not a show critical update
v1.2.7 12/3/20
  • Animation rotation bug fixed
v1.2.8 07/13/21
  • 100hz dimming mode added
  • dimming modes added to control channel on console
  • Selftest of color wheel function improved
  • fix for bug allowing fans to power up in continuous modes with out DMX
v1.2.9 10/12/21
  • Fix for bug causing fixture to continuously home
v1.2.10 11/15/21
  • CMY+CTO motor current adjustment to prevent mis-stepping 

SolaFrame_1000_V1210.HYD - Uploader

SolaFrame_1000_V1210.NCW - USB

Zip File


  • Boot code changes implemented
v1.3.1 12/15/21
  • Bug causing DMX to Art-Net conversion to fail fixed
v1.3.2 12/15/22
  • Current adjustment made to improve CMY mixing.

SolaFrame_1000_V132.HYD - Uploader

SolaFrame_1000_V132.NCW - USB

Zip File


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