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All SolaFrame 2000 software versions

NOTE: Be cautious when downgrading fixture software versions as this can affect many functions such as cooling/thermal adjustments, power adjustments, DMX channel count and the overall functionality of the product. HES recommends always updating to the latest version of released software.

The most recent release can be found on the SolaFrame 2000 product page at

If you need an older version of the software, contact ETC Technical Support.

Version Release date Fixes Download link


  • Product name change


v1.0.8 2/27/18
  • Product name change
  • Self Test added to menu
v1.0.9 7/23/18
  • Fan modes made retentive
v1.0.10 8/23/18
  • Fix for LED illuminating before reaching position after homing


v1.0.11 4/3/19
  • Bug fix for focus/zoom collision when homing from front of travel


  • Fix LED/Fixture hour reset bug

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