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Software update error 5U board and 6U board


When doing a software upload, an error will show that the 5U board (Gobo module) and 6U board (Framing module) will not update.

Description/Explanation of Issue

It is possible that the animation wheel has warped, which causes it to hit the sensor board.  This will short out the 5U board and shut the cooling fan off.  This will heat the fixture up, which can also damage the 6U board


  1. In the display under info, check the fan speeds to the 5U board and 6U board.
  2. If the fans are at zero RPMs then there is a failure on the board or boards.  The board that displays zero RPMs  has a board and fan failure
  3. Replace the animation wheel, any gobos that have been damaged, 5U board and fan. (Gobo Module)
  4. If there is a failure on the 6U board, the its possible that the frame assembly and fan are damage (Framing Module) 
  5. Replacement of the framing assembly, 6U board, and fan will be necessary.
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