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SolaFrame 750 Pan Motor Replacement


Pan motors seizing/binding/unable to operate correctly 

Possible Causes

A bug found in software version 1.2.7 presents the opportunity for damage to the pan motor if the fixture continuously pans & tilt for an extended period of time (30 minutes or more). V.1.2.7 should no longer be used. 

Other causes could be a faulty motor, a faulty pan/Tilt 2U PCB, faulty harness or damage to the motor by an external force


If related to software bug in V.1.2.7- Update software using a HES Special Uploader and Replacement of Pan Motor if damage occurred 

If related to faulty component- Begin by replacing one component at a time with a working part to narrow down what component is failing

Pan Motor Replacement

Step One: Remove both yoke arm covers by loosening 2x 1/4 turn Phillips screws 


Step Two: Remove inner yoke cover screws 2x per side

Step Three: Remove 4x outer yoke cover screws and remove 4x yoke covers from fixture, set aside 


Step Four: Remove 4x screws on both sides


Step Five: Carefully cut wire tie on pan encoder sensor wire and remove 2x encoder mounting screws


Step Six: Loosen 3x set screws on pinion gear using 2mm Hex tool


Step Seven: Remove 4x handle screws and remove handle


Step Eight: Unplug pan motor connection and carefully cut wire ties to free pan motor harness


Step Nine: Carefully pry pan belt from gear


Step Ten: Angle pan motor to pass yoke cut out and be sure to mind the wire harnesses while working the motor out


Step Eleven: Remove pinion gear/encoder wheel from the pan motor shaft and be sure to mind the teeth of the encoder wheel while removing


Step Twelve: Pan motor can now be removed, but be sure to mind the harnesses when removing


Step Thirteen: Remove 4x screws from pan motor mount and install new pan motor


Step Fourteen: When installing the pinion gear/encoder wheel, 2x set screws must land on the 2x flats of the motor shaft


Step Fifteen: Sometimes marking the flats from the top view of the motor shaft will make installing easier


Use steps 1-15 in reverse order to install new motor.

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