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SolaFrame Studio Intensity Throttling Back


SolaFrame Studio continues to fade out and throttle back intensity despite not receiving a command to do so. Head temperature reported on the display screen jumps quickly from a low head temperature to a very high head temperature in a matter of seconds. 

Description/Explanation of Issue

If the LED Light Engine was changed out at any point, there is a chance that the connectors to the light engine were plugged in backwards which caused damage to the thermistor. The inaccurate temperature readings cause the fixture to throttle back intensity to ensure no damage to the LEDs. This issue has been reported on software version 1.3.1. 


  1. Check all harness connections to the LED engine with the fixture powered off to see if the silk screen label on the connector matches the label on the wire harness
  2. If plugged in backwards, try changing the orientation of the LED engine and plugging the harness into the correct connector on the LED engine
  3. If issue persists, thermistor will need to be replaced

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