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SolaHyBeam 3000 Will Not Power On


Fixture will not power on or home and the display is not on.

Description/Explanation of Issue

This could be caused by a power supply or a failed LED driver PCB


  1. Verify input AC voltage from power source. If no voltage is present, then check the power source before contuing.
  2. If voltage is present, then verify the below PSU voltages. Remove both base cover screws and covers to access PSU’s:clipboard_e29c0e354c9ed93e17e648a9ff0e3cd11.png

  3. Verify 390VDC on the white connector of the input power supply. This PSU is located on the right behind the display:clipboard_efc770713c6bb78d139d2dced87825500.png

  4. If the 390VDC is not present then the input PSU will need to be replaced (part number PS515).

    If the 390VDC is present then verify the 390VDC is going into the white connector of the output PSU. The output PSU on the right behind the rear panel:clipboard_e82854de99f3313ccdd7fee6c3e7ca087.png

  5.   If the 390VDC is present, then verify the 48VDC and 28VDC output voltages on the opposite side of this PSU. This would now be to the left behind the display. The 28VDC is on the top connection and the 48VDC is on the bottom two connections:clipboard_eff790b57d90cff7a9e3d60fcd712edcb.png

  6. If both voltages are not present, then the voltage at the LED driver PCB’s in the head needs to be checked.

    Remove both head covers.  Carefully remove the color mix/gobo module by loosening or removing the module clips and disconnect module wiring:clipboard_ec719d126e8e6bfe1c2560e5ef6f78f0a.png

  7. Verify if 48VDC is present on both of the the LED driver PCB connectors. If 48VDC is present on both, remove the Tru1 power connector from the fixture, unplug the power connector from the LED driver PCB’s, reconnect fixture power. If the display turns on immediatley disconnect power before it starts homing.

       Now determine if one or both LED driver PCB’s are faulty by unplugging fixture power, plug in one LED driver PCB, reconnect power. If the display does not turn on then that LED driver PCB is faulty and now test the other LED driver PCB.


    After determining if one or both LED driver PCB’s is faulty, install new LED driver PCB’s (part numbers: 2581B5047 for the PCB with 5 drivers, 2581B5044 is for the PCB with 4 drivers), reinstall color mix/gobo module and test the unit.clipboard_e990ca5a2371506efaf42285678acaf5c.png

  8. If the output is dim during testing replace the LED control PCB (part number 2581B5046):clipboard_e43a24a2982f5b123627f2b46b84aba76.png

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