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SolaSpot 1000 Animation Wheel Replacement

PDF Version: SolaSpot 1000 Animation Wheel Replacement.pdf

SolaSpot 1000 Animation Wheel Replacement

Applies to: SolaSpot 1000
What you will need: New animation wheel assembly, Philips screw driver

Step One: Remove  Head Covers & Gobo Module

· Loosen 2X Philips 1/4 turn captive screws on each head cover

· Detach safety cables and remove covers

On the non-lock side of the fixture’s head:

· Disconnect power  and data wire connections


On the lock side of the fixture’s head:

· Remove 2X Philips head screws

ss1000 2.png

· Lift up on the zoom/focus assembly to clear a path for the module

ss1000 3.png

· Carefully Remove the gobo module

Step Two: Remove Animation Wheel Assembly

· Remove 4X Philips head screws to free the animation wheel assembly (wheel, metal arm & belt)

· Reuse hardware

ss1000 4.png


Step Three: Installing New Animation Wheel Assembly

· Ensure that the belt is traveling on the inside of the tensioner

ss1000 5.png

· Place the belt around the motor

· Replace 4X Philips screws to mount new assembly

ss1000 6.png


Ensure that the wheel can travel/spin without making sound or without issue (it is normal to feel steppy by hand)










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