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All SolaWash 1000 Software Versions

NOTE: Be cautious when downgrading fixture software versions as this can affect many functions such as cooling/thermal adjustments, power adjustments, DMX channel count and the overall functionality of the product. HES recommends always updating to the latest version of released software.

The most recent release can be found on the SolaWash 1000 product page at

Version Release date Fixes Download link
v1.3.2 10/11/19
  • Initial production release

SolaWash1000_V132.HYD - Uploader

SolaWash1000_V132.NCW - USB

v1.3.3 12/20/19
  • Fix for wash flags hitting the lens mount plate
  • Implemented LED power reduction when a framing blade is fully inserted
  • Menu fix removing unneccessary info level
  • Lens defogger default setting chnaged to OnOp

SolaWash1000_V133.HYD -Uploader

SolaWash1000_V133.NCW - USB

v1.3.4 3/17/20
  • CMY curve adjustment to match SF1000
  • Defogger default set to on operation
  • Fixed self-test 

SolaWash1000_V134.HYD- Uploader

SolaWash1000_V134.NCW- USB

v1.3.5 7/12/21
  • 100Hz dimming mode added
  • dimming mode now selectable thru control channel
  • Bug fixed causing fans to power up without data in continuous modes.

SolaWash1000 V135.HYD - Uploader

SolaWash1000 V135.NCW - USB

Zip file

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