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SolaWash 2000 High Frequency Sound


When dimming from 0-99% a high frequency noise is emitting from the fixture. 

Description/Explanation of Issue

The source of the noise is usually the inductors on the LED driver board. The inductors act as transducers for the switching frequency. If any constituent component of the inductor is loose then the inductor will act as a better transducer.


  • Change out the LED driver board to see if the issue is improved/resolved.
  • Repair the LED driver board by applying a few drops of super glue to the loose part of the inductors once the cause of the noise is determined. This will tighten the cores up and prevent noise. 

Repairing the LED Driver board:

  • Step 1.  With the electronic housing open and the light powered, put the light at 50% dim.
  • Step 2.  Listen for the noise, does it come from the LED driver board. This would be the board with the inductors. If so, proceed to step 3. If not, then figure out where the noise is coming from.
  • Step 3.  Press gently on the top of the inductor ferrite. Does the noise attenuate? If so you must determine if it is loose windings, or a loose core. If you can feel the core move, then it is likely the core. If not, then it is likely the wire.  NOTE:  Usually it is a loose core. These are shielded cores. The bobbin core gets loose from the shield and vibrates on the shield.
  • Step 4:  If it is a core then get super glue down between the bobbin core and the shield. This should fix the issue.

 If it is the wire then you want to get super glue down all over the windings to keep them from moving.

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