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Internal Lens Condensation


The inside of the output lens has condensation on it.

Description/Explanation of Issue

Too much internal humidity will cause condensation on the inside of the output lens. 


  1. With the fixture powered on, view the Humidity amount in the Info menu. The goal is to have humidity at 10% or less. Note: Viewing Humidity under display battery power will show 0% so the fixture must be powered on to see the correct humidity level.
  2. clipboard_eb952799123bf67e61ddeeae430d90286.png
  3. Loosen the screws on the front and rear panels of the base using a 3mm hex tool
  4. clipboard_ed570ba84267a5797fc61ee4b807faefd.png
  5. Pull the front and rear panels outward to create a gap:
  6.  clipboard_e17ce2e98083449472357f4c0122ccc56.png
  7. Remove the 8x screws from around the perimeter of the top lens cover and remove the top lens
  8. clipboard_e0cb53c427b2dab69400d25a84adc9171.png
  9. Connect to a console and run at full intensity for a minimum of 4 hours to get the humidity to read 10% or below.
  10. clipboard_e2da6307aee9de3d77f82c00efc9fca87.png
  11. Once humidity reads 10% or below re-install the cover, tighten the base screws and verify humidity is still at 10% or less.
  12. If humidity is above 10% after installing the lens cover and tightening the base screws, repeat the process again until humidity id 10% or below.
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