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Broken color mixing flags during transport of a SHOWGUN

Units in the field have been damaged by careless transport. In a situation where the SHOWGUN roadcase is shipped with the casters down and is not properly secured, it can roll against a wall or gate of the truck. If it accelerates to 16kkm/hr (10m/hr) over 4.6 meters (15ft), internal flags can break and the iris module may bend. Other damage is also possible.

This problem is caused by careless handling and is NOT a warranty issue.

4.6m (15ft) at 16km/hr (10m/hr)

Diagnosing the extent of damage:

  1. Remove the head covers and inspect the color and soft edge flags. If there are any broken flags, remove all glass.
  2. Check the iris module carefully to determine if the plate is bent. You can see the degree that a module is bent is by checking how parallel the litho wheel is to the module plates above and below it. In addition to a bent plate, when a unit receives this type of abuse, the sides of the iris module nearest the tilt tubes may be bent as well.
  3. In most cases the unit will exhibit some sort of impact event on the yoke which might include damage to the pan lock assembly and the pan stop. 
  4. Check the tilt lock assembly.  If the sliding lock plate is bent slightly, it may result in a loose fit when locked.
  5. To test the LED Tracking System for damage to LED, connect the unit to a controller and use the following steps
    • Set the main output Intensity to full
    • Close the shutter
    • Set LED Intensity to full
    • Set the LED Function parameter to 0
    • Adjust the Red, Green, and Blue channels to verify that there is no damage to the LED component

If you observe any damage, contact High End Systems Technical Support for proper repair instructions.

Note-Icon.png If you replace the flags without repairing a damaged iris module, the incidence of breaking flags can reoccur with high frequency.

Road Case Improvement Kit

Customers who purchased SHOWGUN fixtures with serial numbers prior to A1FA3207021 are eligible for a Road Case Improvement kit at no charge other than shipping and handling charges.

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