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My LED Fixture Fades Instead of Snaps When Turned Off in a Zero Count


Your Desire and Source 4 LED fixture is set to a value 39% or less in a cue and should snap out in a zero count in the next cue, but it fades instead of snaps. 

Description/Explanation of Issue

This is a symptom of LED "smoothing". The fixture’s software has a function to smooth the incoming DMX data in order to maintain a smooth dimming curve.

  • A large change sent from your DMX source, such as full to zero, is applied internally over a short period of time for a faster response.   
  • A small change in DMX from your DMX source is applied internally over a longer period of time.  This is done to give DMX data a chance to refresh to provide smooth fades.  For example a 30 second fade from full to out.  Without this smoothing the fade would appear to pause throughout the fade.


Set the fixture curve to Quick, as smoothing doesn't apply to that curve

  • This curve does have a steppier dimming performance, as it does not utilize this smoothing algorithm. 
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