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Buttons and Faders Won't Work on AAS (Analog Address System)


The buttons and faders on my Analog Address System (AAS) stations will not operate my lights, and I see the following symptoms:

  • The Take Control button on the stations are lit amber and do not change to green when pressed.
  • The green CR7 to the left of the LCD on the AAS processor is lit.
  • The LCD displays text, but will not change when pushing the grey buttons below the LCD.
  • If you flip the reset switch up and back down the LCD display does not reboot.
  • If you power cycle the AAS processor the display only shows black bars on the top row and does not proceed.


The AAS processor has a hardware issue which will require repair. Please contact ETC Technical Services to obtain a notification number, and they can assist in getting a repair set up with an ETC Authorized Dealer.

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