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How to Patch Dimmers Within an AAS (Analog Address System)

You will need to locate the Analog Address processor unit and then remove the left panel.  Once the panel is removed you will find the processor keyboard.

  1. Press [Exit] to activate processor unit and display menu.
  2. Scroll through menu options on LCD using Dimmer [Up] and [Down] buttons until Patch appears.
  3. Press [Enter] to display Patch screen (see illustration).
  4. Select channel number to which you want to assign dimmers by pressing Edit [Up] and [Down]. Channel numbers one through eight, W (work light), and P (panic) appear in channel editing field (see illustration).
  5. Select dimmer number you wish to assign to channel by pressing Dimmer [Up] and [Down]. Dimmer numbers stop scrolling when you reach 1; press [Up] or [Down] again to resume scrolling.
  6. Press [Enter] to record dimmer assignment. The screen displays the dimmer's new channel assignment.
  7. Select next dimmer number to assign to channel, and press [Enter]. Repeat until all desired dimmers are assigned to channel. You may assign any number of dimmers to each analog channel, but may assign each dimmer to only one analog channel. Dimmers included in analog channels may also be assigned to panic and work light channels.
  8. Repeat steps 4 through 6 for next channel. Or, to return to menu, press and hold [Exit].
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