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How to Set Fade Times on an AAS (Analog Address System)

You will need to locate the Analog address processor unit and remove the right panel.  Once the panel is removed you will find the processor keypad.

Setting fade time

The fade time is the length of time analog channels take to fade up or down when you press [Take Control] at a slider station. Fade time applies to all analog channels and the work light channel. Panic channel turns on instantly.

Follow these steps to set fade time:

  1. Press [Exit] to display menu.
  2. Scroll through menu options on LCD using Dimmer [Up] and [Down] until Fade Time appears.
  3. Press [Enter] to display the Fade Time screen (see illustration).
  4. Press Edit [Up] and [Down] to set the desired fade time. You may enter a fade time between 0:00 seconds and 5:59 minutes.
  5. Press and hold [Exit] to save selection and return to menu.
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