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Dimmable Fixtures Not Dimming on Echoflex 0-10v


When connecting a 0-10V controller to a dimming fixture or circuit, the fixture(s) fails to dim, switching ON/OFF with switch action - but no fading.


The controller has an auto-detect feature which will recognize when a dimming fixture is attached to the purple and grey 0-10V dimming lines.

  1. Check the wiring. Loose dimming circuit wires is the most common cause of the fixtures not dimming properly
  2. Check the fixture. Is it working properly?
    1. Disconnect the dimming circuits purple and grey wires at the controller.
    2. Short the fixtures grey and purple wires together - the fixture should go full dim.
    3. Open the fixtures grey and purple wires for open circuit - the fixture should go full bright. If these are not the results of the test then the fixture is faulty
  3. Monitor the dimming circuit - use a DMM to measure the DC voltage on the purple and grey wires. You should see a range or about 1 V to 10 VDC
  4. Clear the controller to factory defaults
    1. Press and hold the controllers CLEAR button for 15 seconds until the red and green LEDs are lit solid
    2. Press the controllers LEARN button to enter into link mode and link the wireless switch, clicking ON three times
    3. Exit link mode by pressing the LEARN button again and test dimming using the switch
    4. If the lights dim, then repeat steps a - c linking any other devices needed

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