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Comparing Echoflex ELED Controllers


What is the difference between the ELED1, ELED2, and ELED3?


At first glance it may just look like these are single, dual, and tri-zone LED controllers, but their purposes and functionalities are significantly different.


  • Controls intensity of single 0-10V LED load.


  • Controls intensity and color temperature of single tunable white 0-10V LED load.
    • Channel 1 controls dimming.
    • Channel 2 controls CCT.


  • Controls intensity of three 0-10V LED loads based on varied proximity to light sources.
  • Designed for primary and secondary daylighting situations
    • Ex: large classroom with windows on one wall, lots of natural light by windows but not much by the opposite wall
    • Channel 1: primary zone
    • Channel 2: secondary zone
    • Channel 3: non-daylighting zone
  • Channel independence will depend on what control device types are linked to the controller.
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