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ELED3 Channels Not Linking


One or two of my ELED3 channels will not successfully link and work independently with a control switch or sensor.

Description/Explanation of Issue

The ELED3 interacts differently with each type of control device, and therefore links differently. This controller is meant to be used in a multi-zone daylighting application, though, so in most cases the channels will be controlled together.

  • Switch stations: each channel links independently.
    • Note: if using the shortcut option to link the first switch (no need to put controller in LEARN mode, just tap 
  • Occupancy sensors: all 3 channels automatically link when any channel is manually linked.
    • Ex: if you link channel 2 to an occ sensor, channel 1 and 3 are automatically linked to the same occ sensor.
  • Photo/light sensors: channels 1 and 2 automatically link when either channel is manually linked.
    • Ex: if you link channel 2 to a light sensor sensor, channel 1 is also automatically linked to the same light sensor.
    • Note: channel 1 will always be the primary daylight zone and channel 2 will always be th secondary daylight zone, regardless of which channel you use to link.

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