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Tips on best Echoflex antenna orientation for installation

Notes and Tips

Every Echoflex device contains an EnOcean wireless radio and antenna (looks like an orange wire) to achieve wireless communication. Below are some notes and tips to keep in mind when installing the devices to achieve the best signal strength:

  • DO NOT CUT THE ANTENNA. The length is directly correlated to the wavelength of frequency, if you cut or damage the antenna you will need to replace the device.
  • The antenna uses an omnidirectional output.
  • Do not point antenna ends directly towards each other, as the antenna does not send signal out of its end.
  • If possible, position the antenna perpendicular to the ground plane, as straight as possible.
  • Do not install devices near electronics that can cause radio interference.
  • Do not install devices inside metal boxes, install on the outside and, if possible, direct the antenna out and away from the box.
  • Antennas do not like metal or grounded planes in general, so be sure to create a separation, even if it is just a rubber pad.
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