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Quick Cheat Sheet for How to Manually Link and Unlink Echoflex Devices


Note-Icon.png Note: an article that talks more in depth about this concept and procedure can be found here.


Linking and unlinking follow the same steps. If the devices are not yet linked, these steps will link them. If they are, these steps will unlink them.

  • Tap the [LEARN] button on the controller to activate learn mode.
    • Learn LED will turn on solid, power LED and output load will blink.
  • TEACH from the control device.
    • Paddle-style switch: quickly click the 'on' side of paddle 3 times.
    • Keycard switch: quickly insert room card into the switch 3 times.
    • MBI station: quickly tap the 'on' button of the desired button pair 3 times.
    • MSS Station: remove the faceplate and tap the recessed [TEACH] button on the left-hand side.
    • Sensor: tap the [TEACH] or [TEST] button.
    • Control Interface: select the desired channel and tap the [TEACH] or [TEST] button.
  • Exit learn mode on the controller by tapping the [LEARN] button again OR let it time out after 30 seconds of inactivity.


To link:

To unlink:

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