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Status Messaging or Telegrams with Echoflex Interfaces


What is status messaging or status telegram for Echoflex Controllers and Interface and how can I utilize it?

Is there a way to monitor the current status of an Echoflex Controller or Interface?


Normally Echoflex communication is a one-way street, with control devices sending signals to output controllers and interfaces that count as outputs. Status messaging/telegram is a special case that allows an output controller/interface to report its current status, which serves two main purposes:

  • To monitor and interpret the status via Garibaldi or DolphinView to assist with troubleshooting equipment.
  • To provide feedback to interfaces/gateways that use the status to trigger other commands.

This feature is disabled by default and can be enabled/disabled via the physical buttons on the unit or the Garibaldi commissioning program.

Manual Steps at the Device

To enable:

  • Press and hold the [LEARN] button.
  • Tap the [CLEAR] button twice.
  • Release the [LEARN] button. The 'learn' LED should blink twice to confirm the double tap.

To disable:

  • Press and hold the [LEARN] button.
  • Tap the [CLEAR] button once.
  • Release the [LEARN] button. The 'learn' LED should blink once to confirm the single tap.

Video Walkthrough



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