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What does the Echo Echoflex Interface do?


The purpose of an Echo Echoflex Interface is to allow Echo and Echoflex systems to communicate. This is achieved with the wireless inputs and outputs that you configure and assign in the EEI.


The wireless inputs allow Echoflex control units (switches and sensors) to activate/deactivate Echo presets.


  • Echoflex switch is linked to wireless input 1.
  • Wireless input 1 is configured as Echo preset 1.
  • When the Echoflex switch 'on' button is pressed, it activates Echo preset 1.

By default, wireless inputs are configured as Echo presets 1-4.


The wireless outputs allow Echoflex output units (dimmer and relay controllers) to act as Echo zones.


  • Echoflex dimmer is linked to wireless output 1. 
  • Wireless output 1 is configured as Echo zone 1.
  • When Echo preset 1 is activated, the Echoflex dimmer goes to the recorded level for Echo zone 1.

By default, wireless outputs are configured as Echo zones 1-4.


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