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How to Enable or Disable LED Indicator on Echoflex Occupancy and Vacancy Sensors


How do I enable or disable the LED indicator on an Echoflex occupancy or vacancy sensor so it does or does not illuminate when detecting motion (and audio)?


  • Press and hold the [Teach] or [Test] button for 6 seconds to enter the tests menu. A GREEN LED will begin to blink.
  • Tap the [Teach] or [Test] button until the RED and GREEN LEDs are both blinking. This is the LED indicator enable/disable mode.
  • Press and hold the [Teach] or [Test] button for 6 seconds until the LEDs stop blinking to activate the mode.
  • Depending on the current state, one of the LEDs will continue to blink.
    • red: LED indicator is active
    • green: LED indicator is not active
  • Tap the [TEACH] button to toggle between these options and select the desired one.
  • Press and hold the [TEACH] button for 5 seconds to save the setting and exit this mode.

NOTE A: This only disables/enables the LED indicator, it does not disable/enable the functionality of the sensor.

NOTE B: This disables/enables both PIR and audio LED indicators simultaneously for Dual Tech sensors.


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