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How to Perform Light Level Test for Echoflex Sensors


How can I verify my Echoflex sensor is installed in a position that it will receive appropriate solar energy to function?

Description/Explanation of Issue

Echoflex sensors support a light level test that uses LEDs to show how well the sensor will function per the current ambient lux level. 


  1. Press and hold the [Teach] or [Test] button for 6 seconds to enter the tests menu. A GREEN LED will begin to blink.
    1. At this point, you are already at the light test option, as it is the first option in the test menu.
  2. Press and hold the [Teach] or [Test] button again for 6 seconds, and the green LED should stop blinking.
  3. The green LED will resume blinking at a faster rate than before, blinking X number of times then pausing and repeating.
    1. the X number will indicate function level. The correlating values for each number can vary by sensor, so be sure to reference the sensor's installation manual.
    2. If you move the sensor while it is performing this test, it will continue to monitor lux levels and adjust the blink pattern accordingly so you can see if you are going to a better or worse area.
  4. The light level test will automatically expire after 100 seconds or you can exit the test by pressing and holding the [Teach] or [Test] button for 6 or 10 seconds.
    1. Some sensors require a 6 second hold to exit test while others require 10, see the sensor installation guide for reference.

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