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Linking or Pairing Echoflex Wireless Devices to Echoflex Controllers


Wireless devices do not have wires connecting them for communication so there needs to be a method of linking/pairing/marrying devices together to they can communicate.


Echoflex Sensors and Switches are transmitters. They only talk. They do not listen or receive wireless messages.

Echoflex controllers are transceivers. They listen/receive but also can talk/transmit wireless messages.

Linking devices is a process where you learn-in a transmitter to a controller. 

  • The controller must be in a specific operating mode for this to happen called "link mode"
  • The transmitter must send a specific message to the controller with information for linking that includes the radio identification and profile of the sensor/switch


  1. Put the Echoflex controller into link mode. ​​
    1. With access to the controller: push the LEARN button on the controller
    2. No access to the controller; you will need software, laptop and USB interface to activate this mode

When in link mode, depending on the model, the relay will cycle or dimming output oscillate about once per second

  1. Send the Teach command from the sensor or switch
    1. Switch - triple click the ON button or paddle of the station
    2. Sensor - press the TEACH/LINK button

Upon receipt of the teach command, the controller will stop cycling for about 4 seconds and then resume. If during this pause the lights are ON, then you have successfully linked the devices together. If the lights are OFF, then you have unlinked the devices which means they were already linked together. If this is in error, once the output starts cycling again, you can relink or link new devices to the controller.

Video Walkthrough


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