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Implementing a Dual-Stage Vacancy Application


A specification details that upon vacancy, lights in the space must dim to 50% after 15 minutes and then after 30 minutes, shut-off


Echoflex Controllers do not currently natively support two-stage vacancy operation but there is a work-around.

The controller operating the lights should be a dimming controller (like the ELED1) with the Partial-OFF Enable parameter set to TRUE. The Partial-OFF Value should be set to 50%. These settings configure the controller to dim the lights upon vacancy instead of turning lights off. The sensors in the space should be linked to this controller.

Up-stream on the electrical circuit before the dimming controller, an Echoflex Power Load Controller (like the ELEDR) should be installed. It should have its Occupancy Timer set to 30 minutes. The sensors should be linked to this controller as well plus any devices (switch stations or gateways) linked to the dimming controller used for turning lights ON.

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