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Echoflex PTM265 Switch vs PTM365 Switch


What is the difference between the Echoflex decorator style PMT265 and PTM365 switches?


The PTM265 and PTM365 have the same basic functionality, their differences mainly lie in physical updates made for the PTM365.

PTM265 (older style)

  • 902MHz or 868MHz
  • Black, ivory, or almond

  • Paddles can be removed

  • Surface mount back plate only

  • Cover plates not included

  • All colors match Leviton’s correlating cover plate colors

PTM365 (newer style)

  • 902MHz only

  • White or gray

  • Paddles cannot be removed (more secure)

  • Comes with UL rated barrier plate to mount in junction box with line voltage

  • Surface mount back plate can be ordered separately



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