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EchoTouch is stuck in a Boot Loop


This is a bug that is solved in software v2.5.0.  After following the instructions below, please update your software to v2.5.0 or higher. to keep this from re-occurring.


My EchoTouch appears to boot normally, but when it gets to the starting splash screen, it fails and reboots on its own.
It constantly does this over and over.

Note-Icon.png Note: This can be caused by either the EchoTouch in a corrupted show state, as resolved below, OR it could be due to the EchoTouch not receiving enough power. For example, the E-APS only provides 160mA of AUX power, which is not enough to power an EchoTouch.

Steps to Solution

  1. Create a Recovery USB Flash Drive
  2. Insert the USB flash drive into the EchoTouch while the screen is off
  3. Power on the display and it will automatically boot into the Manufacturing Test Menu
  4. When the Manufacturing Test Menu opens, press "Service - CAUTION!"
  5. Then press the "Erase Show Data" button

    This will completely clear the configuration from the EchoTouch, make sure to have a backup available

  6. Once the process has completed, exit out of the Service Screen and Manufacturing test menu
  7. The EchoTouch will reboot and should normally function after this process.


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